Hi! I’m Lauren, a B2B writer based in New Zealand

I provide copywriting and content strategy services for fintech, health tech, and personal finance companies.

If you need a reliable writer committed to understanding and positioning your business correctly – I may be the right person for the job.

My writing philosophy

I have strong beliefs and values that inform my approach to B2B writing projects.

The audience’s needs comes first

Trust and authority is earned by putting the audience first. It’s not about your solutions or your technology – it’s about crafting the right story that speaks to your audience’s challenges and aspirations.

Respect the reader

Good content respects the reader’s time and intelligence. I break down complex topics into digestible chunks, provide relevant context, and guide the reader to make an informed decision.

Content should serve a purpose

All B2B content exists for one purpose: to bring your prospect to the next stage of their journey. I craft content with a keen awareness of where they are in the funnel, and lead them to the next step.

Technology should solve a problem

I am passionate about products that solve a pressing problem or meet a genuine demand. Technology in search of a problem is not something I can write about.

My professional background

I’ve been working as an SEO-driven content strategist and copywriter since 2007. In 2016, I moved to Singapore and found great satisfaction in simplifying complex financial concepts for the ordinary person. I narrowed my focus to personal finance and B2B fintech topics, and my portfolio contains samples of my work. I am now based in Auckland, New Zealand but continue to work on Singapore-based projects.

In addition to B2B copywriting, I’ve honed the following skills throughout my 15-year career.

Content strategy for websites

I’ve managed end-to-end content strategy for websites with the objective of capturing organic traffic and leads from search. This includes aligning blog topics according to business objectives, to planning content architecture, hiring the right team, planning landing pages, and publishing content.

Email journey design

I have planned the flow and messaging for onboarding, retention, and reactivation email journeys, and worked with email designers, copywriters, and CRM managers to bring these journeys to life.

Customer journey mapping

I’ve worked with brand teams and product teams to map out the customer journey from awareness to conversion. Our maps are designed to help us identify key inflection points or channels where stronger customer interaction is needed.

Workshop design and facilitation

I’ve designed and delivered online and in-person workshops for brand teams in the UK, Türkiye, Vietnam, and the Philippines. My approach to workshop design begins with knowing what outcomes are expected by stakeholders, and understanding who’s in the room. I then structure the activities around the audience’s familiarity with the topic, so that we can deliver the expected outcomes.

Let’s work together

I’d love to get to know your business and help you crush your content marketing goals. Contact me on LinkedIn.